Where are you.? Who are you.? Why are you.?

I operate from British Isles, specifically South England, UK. My name is
Artūras and I have been working in the sign industry for about 10 years. I am a Marvel fanboy, and in the search of few Marvel games (some of which I still have not found) stumbled on the Game Boy community. Long story short, I saw a demand in personalized parts and decided to provide.  From the very beginning this was (and still is) a part/spare time type of arrangement. Combined with the current situation in the world (C-19), which actually put more strain on my day job, free time become a huge commodity. And I can't spend as much time on it as I would like to. There is just me, myself and I. And three of us are responsible for every part of Bluish Squirrel. It may sometimes take longer than expected to fulfill your order or even come back to you with answers to your questions and concerns. But I will.! I have so many ideas, but so little time. So thank You for your patience.! And with your support, I hope that this might eventually become more of a full time thing..

     Why are all of your products made to order.?

At the moment it is much easier and requires much less space to store raw materials rather than stocking multiple options for multiple things.

     My package got returned back to sender due to (reasons). What should I do?

Please send me a message with up to date FULL address and any reasons you might think this has happened. And we will go from there. Additional shipping charge might be needed.

     Do you ship to (insert country in question here).?


     How  much is for shipping to (insert country in question here).?

Shipping is calculated automatically depending on destination country and weight of the package.

     Do you make custom Steelbooks?

Due to the time constrains and other 2020 factors I do not currently make/accept orders for custom steelbooks, but hoping to bring them back in the near future. Watch this space.